African Innovation

We want to think big on digital for Africa. Motivated by the Digital Economy for Africa Initiative, Africa Digital Alliance wants to play a pre-eminent role in empowering Digital Innovation on the African continent to optimise potential, bridge digital divide and empower and enable businesses thereby unleashing new potential for growth through innovation.

Our Mission

Play a leading role in supporting businesses and organisations in Africa harness the digital economy for economic growth through strategic partnerships and innovation.

Digital solutions for your brand

We put your brand first. What does that mean? It means that we’ll get our hands dirty for you by diving at the heart of your business challenge. We always delve beneath the surface through extensive market and product intelligence and we won’t stop digging until we uncover what shines. So bring us your toughest challenges and we’ll bring you the best digital solutions that will enable your brand deliver on your core business objectives.


User experience on website is key. Whether you build an e-commerce, a vitrine or a booking website, users’ journey has to be intuitive.


We propose a simple and easy to use solution to create your e-commerce, with the advantage of being very user friendly for your customers. We offer a wide range of packages for you to choose from, including hosting, domain registration, shopping cart, payment integration and many more.


Whether you need hotel reservations, restaurant booking or tour operators we will implement simple web-solutions or complexe ones with your systems through APIs. We focus on the self-management of our clients’ websites, i.e. that they are able to add/edit content themselves through a very user-friendly interface.


Corporate website needs to respect business standards & to reflect your corporate identity, as well as your values. You also need to communicate to potential investors or clients to deliver them the same experience with the same performance across the word. We are experienced in developing corporate websites for more than 15 years and will share with you best practices.


We have developed an attractive website and referencing it with a digital strategy to make it known to desired targets. We have the advantage of having expertise in both the creation of websites as well as in digital marketing which allows when we combine the two to have a successful digital campaign. Transform your project website into a lead magnet.


Whether you have a unique visual identity that needs to be represented online, or you have business operations that need to be digitized, we can define your needs and propose tailor-made solutions.


We offer robust, feature-rich solutions that help you manage your business and deliver the quality content that customers need. With our innovative solutions, you can focus on what matters most to your business - improving results and customer satisfaction.


You need to have a data-driven approach with your website, so that it is integrated with your CRM. We can give you access to a variety of tools that will help you manage your database, reach, engage and support your customers.


Create a digital space where you can reach out to your targeted talents, showcase the working life and essentially present the available openings within your organization. Enable your future employee to apply online, follow and track the status of their applications.
Equip your HRs with tools to centralize information and ease their process.

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